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Do You Believe In Coincidences? Divine Orchestrations, Part II

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 Previously I wrote a post (Do you Believe God Orchestrates Events In Your Life?) on this topic which generated a lot of feedback. Are there such things as coincidences, or is everything divinely orchestrated? Or, as my daughter says, “We … Continue reading

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M-O-N-E-Y Money!

How do you feel about money? Is money “good” or is it “bad”? Money itself is inherently neutral. As Counselor Deanna Troi famously says to Data in Star Trek TNG:  “Feelings aren’t positive or negative. They simply exist. It’s what … Continue reading

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What exactly is a “Full-Time Woman”?

In response to some feedback I received as a result of January’s “Ultimate Blog Challenge,” I thought I would go ahead and define the concept of a “Full-Time Woman.” When I use that term, most women immediately “get it.” It … Continue reading

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9 Lessons I Learned from Participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge

The last day of the January “Blog Challenge” has arrived. Here are my takeaways: 1)      First off I have met and connected with some incredible people! 2)       If you write on a regularly basis your content will get better. If … Continue reading

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