9 Lessons I Learned from Participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge

The last day of the January “Blog Challenge” has arrived. Here are my takeaways:

1)      First off I have met and connected with some incredible people!

2)       If you write on a regularly basis your content will get better. If your content is better, you will shine and your blog will attract more people. Use your best stuff – it will separate you from everything else because you have better content!

3)      You must post on a lot of different topics in order to see which ones people will respond to the most.  My top 5 were:  Parenting Predicaments, Generation Gap, Change (New Year, New You), 3 Things You May Not Know About Facebook, and 5 Reasons Now is the Time to Start a Business!  BTW – Recipes get zilch!

4)      By blogging more regularly (unfortunately I can’t say daily), I now write better.

5)      The Ultimate Blog Challenge – is just that – a challenge! I never knew I had it in me. It wasn’t until I decided to accept this challenge (although I did fall behind), that I knew I could write in abundance and that all of these creative ideas would literally flow through me.

6)      There are some really good blogs out there!

7)      Blogging daily is not easy to do with two small kids and managing a household, along with a coaching practice/business. But I am pleased that I made as much progress as I did. Thanks to everyone who read my blog. I will keep writing.

8)      The more you blog, the more you learn. Knowledge comes from reading other people’s blogs, and doing research for your own blogs. It may even force you to learn a new technology (like using Facebook)!

9)      That I am sorry to see it end!

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6 Responses to 9 Lessons I Learned from Participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. awwww, we’re all sorry to see it end. sorta! It’s a difficult challenge no matter how you slice it! The connections made though are pretty tight and hopefully, the support for each other will continue. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and will definitely keep yours on my list of “must reads.” Good luck out there in the blogosphere!

  2. Congratulations Karen for sticking to it and seeing it through. I have found that it is always a bitter/sweat moment when the end of the challenge arrives. Great news is that we will do it again in April!! I love what you have been up to on your blog and I really love #3 above – it is so important to try different things on your blog to see what people react to. It still surprises me sometimes which things are popular and which aren’t. Keep up the good work!! Michele

  3. Diana says:

    Hi Karen, thanks for sharing your insights. I am ready to start blogging and there’s always the fear of how time-consuming it can be. You encourage me as I see you can do it even with all your responsibilities! Now would be a good time to start and make it a personal challenge. All the best, Diana

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