Do You Believe In Coincidences? Divine Orchestrations, Part II

 Previously I wrote a post (Do you Believe God Orchestrates Events In Your Life?) on this topic which generated a lot of feedback. Are there such things as coincidences, or is everything divinely orchestrated? Or, as my daughter says, “We are like God’s dolls.” So I wanted to share another couple of examples straight from “The Twilight Zone”:

I recently had my first session with a new coaching client. The session went incredibly well. It turns out that this person is a high level trainer who was looking for some kind of training certification. You know what they say about Client Attraction – that you will attract people who are like you – well it definitely turned out to be true in this case for several reasons. First, I am very big on obtaining certifications to boost credibility; second, I have been teaching computer software classes for 15 years, and third, I recently attained an internationally recognized training certification (CompTIA CTT+).

I briefly stepped this person through the process of what it takes to obtain a CompTIA certification, and then we discussed creating a client database (a list of friends and fans) for her business. We ended the session and then the school bus dropped my daughter off in front of the house. I opened up the door and she said “Mom – Look what I made in school today!” A list of friends. A long “scroll” of the names of all the other kids in her class!

Later that same night, my daughter tried out for a part in “Alice In Wonderland.” She auditioned wearing a beautiful purple dress with different shades of purple butterflies all over it. The butterflies on the front are sprinkled with silver glitter that sparkles, making the dress very shimmery and shiny.

Being that this was my daughter’s first audition, she was a little nervous so one of my best friends and her daughter (same age) offer to come to the audition to for a show of support. We gladly accept, and I could tell that my daughter was comforted by their presence.

It turns out that my daughter did great and got a callback for the next morning. Afterwards, her friend’s mother pulls out a gift for my daughter (we were both surprised – what a thoughtful, considerate, and unexpected act).

OK here it is!

Guess what color the wrapping paper on the present was? Solid purple paper with a silver glitter ribbon! I had not told my friend anything about what my daughter would wear to the audition. We hadn’t even definitely decided what she would wear until right before we left the house . . .

Inside was a beautiful china plate with the Alice In Wonderland characters on it . . .

Incidentally she is in the play and the performance is in May!

Does this speak to divine or inspired coincidences?

Are there such thing as coincidences?

What are your thoughts?



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One Response to Do You Believe In Coincidences? Divine Orchestrations, Part II

  1. gail brown nusinow says:

    I do believe that certain things are predestined. This was a lovely article that brought back memories of my life and the authors.

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